Welcome to Rottweiler da Cruña

Welcome to Rottweiler da Cruña, this web page is in memory champion DICK SONGO'O, who left us recently. We have to thank him what we are today as dog breeder?s, we also extend our appreciation to our dog Sacha(Hian de Britor), she made a lot for us to get where we are today.


Rottweiler da Cruña Breeds and selects dogs of high quality, either in beauty or character. In our dog breeder?s we don?t sell smoke, our litters are winning local, national, international and world wide competitions. Our business is family run and is part of hobbies and recreational sports covered by existing legislation. We don?t raise dogs sick from dysplasia or any other handicaps. Our goal is to breed, as we did so far, high quality dogs that fulfil the standards of this breed.

We just want to enjoy our dogs and to pass on our child the passion and love that we feel for this breed.

If you want more information call us at +34 629 737 989 or +34 981 673 046 phones.

  • 3 Spain Champions
  • 2 Portugal Champions
  • 1 Klubsieger C.R.E.
  • 1 Viceklubsieger C.R.E.
  • 1 Klubsieger de C.R.P.
  • 1 Viceklubsieger C.R.P.
  • 2 young champions of the world
  • 1 best pup of the world
  • 4 young champions C.R.E.
  • 2 young champions C.R.P.
  • 1 France young champion
  • 1 Europe young finalist
  • 1 IFR young finalist